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Earthlight Broadband Choices 

Earthlight offers UFB, GIG, VDSL and ADSL broadband choices for home, business and schools. It is fed from our Dunedin based Point Of Presence (POP), ensuring local (just like us) fast delivery of the best service possible.


UFB or Ultra Fast Broadband makes your whole online experience faster. The UFB network uses fibre optic cable to connect your home to our network. The network has been purpose built to move large amounts of data, with speed. It's the way of the future and how most New Zealanders will be connecting to the internet in the future. While Chorus offer a free standard installation in some cases, knowing what is included and what other work may be required can make things complex. So to get it right we assess each location and your needs as part of our UFB plans.

Entry Level Fibre 30 Plan

More UFB Plan Options: In addition to Earthlights Entry Level Fibre 30 Plan, we have Fibre 100 Plans available for residents and businesses and are happy to tailor plans to compliment your precise needs. Please contact us for further information on our residential and business plans. Click here to make contact.


Gigabit services provide the best possible broadband experience available in New Zealand today. If you’re within reach of the new ultra-fast broadband network that Chorus is rolling out to areas of Dunedin, then you have the ability to sign up for a Earthlight Gigabit Connection. Delivering peak download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, (1Gpbs) - an Earthlight Gigabit Connection is out of this world.

Earthlight GIG Plans 

More Information on GIG Plans: Please contact us for further information on our residential and business GIG plans. Click here to make contact.

VDSL & ADSL Broadband

VDSL - VDSL or Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line is broadband accelerated. It is not UFB but it’s the next best thing if UFB is not yet available to you. VDSL connects your home to our network via the traditional copper connection however VDSL uses your copper connection more efficiently so you get a faster connection.  Earthlight VDSL is for you if you require faster uploads for photos or videos, better HD video streaming and quality Skyping or you just want faster speeds.

ADSL - ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (for those that want to understand the acronym) is a standard broadband service that connects your home to our network via a traditional copper connection. ADSL broadband services are available in almost all areas of New Zealand, so connection should not be a problem. To date ADSL has been the workhorse of broadband connection in New Zealand and is a good reliable option.

VDSL & ADSL Broadband Plans

Business or Home Phone

Earthlight can provide you with phone services using your UFB broadband connection, taking full advantage of this emerging and exciting technology and lowering costs to you. Our UFB voice service uses SIP phone technology, this runs over your internet connection instead of the old school copper wiring.

Customised Plans – Upgrades & Add On’s

Once connected the team at Earthlight will monitor service delivery to ensure you get the best experience possible. As your needs can change, and new online services come along, being locked into strict data caps just doesn't make sense. Instead Earthlight's Fibre & Broadband Plans take this into account and can be adjusted accordingly. This means pricing is flexible to take advantage of changing capacity and trends. Always delivering the best service experience is the priority for us to maintain.

The Fine Print

Please refer to 'Supporting Documentation' under our Help & Support section to review:

  1. Chorus End User Terms
  2. Earthlight How our UFB Plans Work
  3. Earthlight Terms & Conditions

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