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Planned Maintenance Notification

We are carrying out some firmware updates on SUPERFLICK in IDC (Invermay Data Centre).
  ** Updated 16 May, scroll down for details **

Wednesday 15 May 10:00pm - 11:00pm 2x five minute breaks are planned while SUPERFLICK is updated.

Services affected:- E-Mail, Webmail, Server and Web Hosting at IDC. Your connection online will not be affected while this work is being done.

Order of events

SUPERFLICK carries virtually all network traffic for IDC. We need to update the firmware that it uses. Earthlight staff will be onsite, and will be working with upstream providers. The plan is to first restart SUPERFLICK so that it is 100% ready to receive the updates. The updates are then loaded followed by a second restart. All going well that is it. There are no changes to the network setup.  Once completed we will perform a series of checks to confirm everything is running as it should.

In the event of issues, we are onsite while the updates take place. While SUPERFLICK is a very capable piece of equipment we are taking no chances. Another core switch is sitting in the background. Should we run into major issues then we have the option to fail over to this other core switch. Some configuration work would need to be done to bring it into service, but the plans are there, just in case.

It is a relatively simple update, and it has been performed on two other core switches deployed elsewhere. If you need any further information please get in touch.

Work Completed

The planned work was carried out overnight. A couple of issues were encountered and dealt with along the way. Everything checked out following the work being done.
Coming up is some power distrubution work within the data centre. This is in the planning stage. It is expected to be carried out without any service interruption due to most/all of the equipment being fed on multiple supplies. The power distribution work increases our load spread and capacity.