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Good at the breakdown. You will hear this on the rugby field.
It is also good to know when technology goes a bit sideways.

Take a couple of examples from the past week.

Changeover for a new client joining (welcome!). To minimise disruption we set up to onboard the existing equipment onsite. It half worked, with one piece not playing nicely.
In anticipation of this we had other equipment on hand in case. Attend site, build alternative connection and everyone is all go.

Another site - upgrade to fibre and phone service. Timing of migrating this from other technologies and providers can be a bit of lottery. Sure enough changes made ahead of our arrangements.
Activate contingency plans, get people and equipment, onsite, carry out the changes. Test and confirm operation. Client happy.

Internet Service Provider - ISP - It's that middle letter that really counts, and being good at the breakdown.

We connect you online and to services. We have been doing this since 1993.

Back then it started with just two modems. Clients dialled in on one modem, and we dialled out on the other to provide service.

It is a bit different today, so please take a look around to see what we offer, once the rest is added...!

Something which has not changed is being local and available, with help close at hand. You can easily reach us, and inquiries are often dealt with during the call. We keep constant watch over our systems and connections. This keeps us ahead of any developing issues and ready to respond when needed. For example recently by the time a site reported being offline we already had indications of an issue. We were able to check further and identify possible causes and eliminate others to speed resolution.


Make contact to see how we can help you. A call will let us establish your needs and see how we can help you.