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ISP internet service providers for business and residential

Earthlight ISP Internet Service Providers provides high speed fibre broadband connections to homes and businesses throughout Otago, along with a range of services designed to connect you with the outside world as well as your internal systems and technology.

Practical and efficient end to end communications are our specialty. From installing network and back-up systems to providing security systems and remote connectivity to your home or work premises, Earthlight can tailor your technology to support your business and lifestyle.

And yes, we offer phone and internet packages with unlimited data too!

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Our fibre broadband service is faster and more reliable

Earthlight is Otago's fastest ISP for fibre broadband connections. How?

  • Locally based dual-site servers for fast link connection
  • Professional technicians and support staff for quicker resolution
  • Greater bandwidth to deliver high speed connectivity and consistent data rates
  • Secure data storage and dual network points with built in back-ups and fail-safe protocols
  • Highland Fibre® connection installs for higher service levels*

More about how Earthlight delivers faster, more reliable fibre broadband