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Earthlight ADSL and VDSL

In many cases your existing copper line can provide you a connection online. Here are the main points:-

  • All our plans run as fast the copper will go, no throttling
  • 12 month initial term applies
  • We provide a router and WiFi as part of the service. These items remain the property of Earthlight.
  • Service is pure Internet Access, sometimes referred to as naked DSL.
  • Phone service option is available, and is additional
  • Simple plan structure starting with 50Gb.
    Need more? The plans step up to 85Gb for the month.
    Need even more? The plan is then unlimited (fair use policy applies)

A bit of tech stuff follows...

ADSL - ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (for those that want to understand the acronym) is a standard broadband service that connects your home to our network via a traditional copper connection. ADSL broadband services are available in almost all areas of New Zealand, so connection should not be a problem. To date ADSL has been the workhorse of broadband connection in New Zealand and is a good reliable option.

VDSL - VDSL or Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line is broadband accelerated. It is not UFB but it’s the next best thing if UFB is not yet available to you. VDSL connects your home to our network via the traditional copper connection however VDSL uses your copper connection more efficiently so you get a faster connection.  Earthlight VDSL is for you if you require faster uploads for photos or videos, better HD video streaming and quality Skyping or you just want faster speeds.