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E-Waste Service

Earthlight offers a safe and secure disposal of e-waste. We operate by way of a collection service only. Computer items and certain other electronic items can be collected by us. Collection is free within Dunedin when more than one item is being picked up. The items are assessed with hard drives erased.

Earthlight partners with E-Cycle Limited. E-Cycle Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company, specialising in responsible, environmentally friendly recycling of end of life electronic products. E-Cycle Limited has depots in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Some product will still have to be exported under NZ government permits to environmentally friendly (ISO 14001 approved) recycling plants, as New Zealand is not yet equipped for all materials.

There are charges for the e-waste service. It helps to cover the cost of proper, safe disposal. If you have  e-waste, now is the time to dispose of it through this option. Waste is not going away and it has to be dealt with. This will only increase costs over time as recovery facilities seek to recover the investment made.

e-Waste Pricing: Please refer to 'Supporting Documentation' under our Help & Support section to review our e-Waste price list


Current pricelist for E-Waste.