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Mobile plans made simple with Earthlight Mobile

You asked for mobile plans to go with our already amazing fast fibre internet service packages for business and residential broadband. We listened.

Now we have increased the data cap to 100GB.

Earthlight Mobile – simple name, right? But fitting, in that our new mobile plan does exactly what it says on the box; it provides simple and unlimited mobile – at a great price.

Earthlight Mobile

  • $55 per month, including GST, per handset
  • Unlimited* data
  • Unlimited Calls NZ and Oz
  • Unlimited Texts NZ and Oz
  • Data hot-spotting
  • Keep your number
  • Free landline number
  • ** Calls/Texts outside of NZ/Oz are charged, also premium and picture texts (mms content)

*Max speeds reduce to 1Mbps after 100GB/mth & hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion.

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What else do you need to know about Earthlight mobile?

The mobile market is pretty crowded. Earthlight Mobile is simple and unlimited, and that applies to all the great reasons we've come up with for switching your mobile plans to Earthlight Mobile..

One fixed price: Pay just $55 per handset, including GST via monthly billing on one account.

No disruption: Your existing number transfers to Earthlight when you sign up. Simply bring your handset and number over and we will set it up.

Transfer your fixed phone number: Your landline number can be transferred to Earthlight Mobile. Calls made to that number appear on your mobile.

One bill for everything: If you are already with us for your internet, we just add it to your Earthlight account.

Simple terms: No complicated choices of deals to sift through, no ambiguous 28-day terms. Being monthly it means twelve payments a year, not thirteen for 28-day term offers.

One price for both personal and business mobile plans: With Earthlight Mobile there is no chance of plan envy (yes, it’s a thing!)

Same great customer service: customer enquiry calls answered by a real person and resolved quickly – no stagnating on hold or back and forth emails for tech queries

Simple add-on for existing internet customers: Where you already have services with us, these remain as they stand, just with the mobile plan added to your monthly account. It simply completes the picture.