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New Premises

We are moving to new premises at Invermay. This is a major event. Because of the type of move being done, it will result in some unavoidable service interruption time as core fibre service changes are made.

Key date/time 11:00pm on Friday 21 September.

All things considered this is the time of least impact. At this time core fibre services in our Dunedin operation will be shut down while equipment relocates to the Invermay Data Centre. Ahead of this a number of services will be moved over to our Christchurch centre. Some services need the Dunedin fibre handovers to be in place, so they will go dark for approximately 90 minutes while changes take place.

No surprise - we have staff on hand, plus key suppliers, throughout the move. We will update our phone announcement message with progress as the work proceeds.

Read on to learn a bit more about the move and benefits.


The Move

The new premises provide us with a means to continue growing our operation and capabilties. Some of this work has been underway in our existing premises. Services that can be run from our Christchurch operation are moved there while the move takes place.

The new location includes a Server Room which holds our Dunedin operation. It is fully secured and has a backup generator in addition to UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) protection. The fibre feed is significantly faster and we have plans to install a second feed for diversity and added resilience.

Being located outside of the CBD places us in an excellent position to provide additional hosting from a secure protected location. Watch this space we as add to our hosting and recovery options.

Naturally visitors are welcome, it is a short drive to come visit.