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Earthlight Quick!

We offer Wireless (WiFi) under the name Quick!. With a growing number of devices connecting, service needs to remain, well - quick. Coverage and speed are two key ingredients. For many gone are the days of single built-in WiFi on a router being sufficient for service. We are practised scoping a site and getting it right for top service.

For home or work it means all areas have coverage and speed.

ufb fibre.jpg

Here is some of how Quick! helps you:-

  • We visit to assess the site layout. We will take measures, including building construction, other WiFi networks in the area.
  • WiFi is often delivered by way of separate nodes (gadgets) which are placed according to need
  • We can run network cabling to deliver service to where nodes are located
  • Network and node performance is monitored


Our options will vary according to the location. No two are the same, so we assess first. .

Make contact with us to check out how Quick! WiFi can be delivered to you.