December 20 12:45 We have had several systems runnng slowly all morning. The main area affected is e-mail, with sending being impacted the most. Our troubleshooting points to us suspect there might be faulty optics between IDC - Invermay Data Centre and Dunedin Exchange. We are arranging to get engineering staff onsite to swap the optics. We will update this site as soon as we have timing.

2:15 A couple of updates. We have engineering staff heading to Dunedin Exchange. ETA is 3:00pm. Once onsite we will review the fibre optics at each end to see if we can isolate the issue.
In another area, we are engineering an alternative means to handle e-mail. The goal is to provide an improvement in e-mail handling until the main issue is identified and resolved.

3:25 Our workaround for handling e-mail appears to be working. We are seeing improved performance with an increased e-mail flow. We are still awaiting engineering staff to reach Dunedin Exchange so we can investigate the fibre optics further. In the meantime this connection and build will carry some of the load.

4:45 Troubleshooting the fibre optics has not identified a root cause of the problems. We have now escalated the issue as a fault having completed first level diagnosis to prove a fault. We will update here as investigations proceed.
Meantime e-mail is flowing and the delayed e-mail is being processed through.

In the meantime some e-mail handling is being routed via our Christchurch operation. Please check back here for updates and additional information.