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You may have pet names, family names, place names - we have names for systems and various bits of equipment that make up our operations.
Some folks give equipment serious tech names like CLTCHCSVR01, which makes sense to them.
But it isn't always fun. At Earthlight we (Wayne actually) tend to give things names which are a little bit different. A name is a name, so once known, you know what it refers to.

Superflick_1.jpgHere we introduce a new piece of kit, called SUPERFLICK.

It is a network switch. A very powerful network switch. All of IDC network traffic runs through it. So it is pretty important. It replaces a previous network switch, FLICK (you see the name pattern) which has been carrying our Dunedin network load for many years.

FLICK was no longer going to meet our needs at IDC. SUPERFLICK has some serious lifting capacity. If you practice some squinting you'll see it has close on 100 ports. Further squinting will reveal more network feature cards can be added. Through this we can add clients and dedicate their data connections as required.

Bolting it in

This is where things have got a bit tricky. The current FLICK is the size of one row of network ports in the picture. Multiply by 10 and you will have enough room to fit SUPERFLICK. So, some shuffling is needed. We are repacking the rack SUPERFLICK is going in.

Ready for the future 

With SUPERFLICK in place we have lots of additional handling capacity. As more uplinks are added SUPERFLICK will deal with it. A second SUPERFLICK is located at our Christchurch network point. Plus spares are held in case of need. 

And rest

SUPERFLICK installation complete with network services all routed through. As you can see, plenty of room for more connections as well.


Superflick 2.jpgSUPERFLICK installed and running.