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IDC Event Index

Here we tell you of day to day events as well as index to other articles.

  • 17 February  Planned power work carried out.  Click here for details.
  • 25 November  Planned power work carried out.  Click here for details.
  • 23 November  Early morning events as network maintenance carried out.  Click here for details.
  • 7 June 2330 - 0045 Power - 1 Possum - 0  Backup UPS and Generator got some exercise overnight.
  • 2 June After largely settled BAU (Business As Usual) a number of our phone service users experienced issues with calling. The cause was traced to how calling was being handed over on one of our voice platforms. The handover pathway is diverse so as to be highly available, but for some reason it was becoming stuck and failing as a result. Once identified some additional actions were taken to lock or prefer the main handover pathway.
    Our routine morning checks today (June 3) confirmed all was settled and fully operational.
  • 25 May  Core server CRUCIBLE (which among other things carries this website) had to be restarted after hours to remedy an issue. Clean restart and likely unnoticed by most.
  • 19 March  Performed concurrent maintenance on one of our core servers (CRUCIBLE) to replace a disk drive which was reporting errors. Another maintenance task is planned which will require it to be taken offline. We will notify this, it will be performed out of hours.
  • 2 March 1340 - 1355  Major outage took out much of the country's Internet Access.  Click here for details.
  • 16 February   Some planned maintenance was completed overnight on the 16th. This shifted how call traffic for some services made its way through the network core. Work was completed without issue.
  • 10 February  We received notification that some calling was disrupted due to routing issues upstream. We received word later that the issue had been resolved.
  • 5 November An issue developed on Friday afternoon which affected ADSL, VDSL and some other copper services. Traced to a core element playing up. Restarted and immediate issues resolved. It is due to be replaced as part of another upgrade in the coming weeks.
  • 6 October  Take 2 on core network equipment to be upgraded for Dunedin Point of Presence (DnPoP).  Click here for details.
  • 4 August  Core network equipment to be upgraded for Dunedin Point of Presence (DnPoP).  Click here for details.
  • 2 August  Routine checking picked up a leak issue in Machine Room. Click here for details.
  • 20 July  Rearrangement of how voice (VoIP) traffic is handled was implemented overnight. So far so good, it appears to be uneventful with everything going to plan.
  • 19 July  1055 Issues noticed with Webmail. We are looking into them now. Sorted by lunchtime.
  • 19 July 1023 - 1025  A network change upstream from us affected some connections for a few minutes. Discovered and reversed.
  • 9 July 1145 - 1245  Upstream issues with UFB Fibre handover impacted Otago connections including Earthlight. Click here for details.
  • 29 June  Snow overnight meant taking the long way to reach IDC. No issues onsite or with network core.
  • 7 May Servicing of an outstanding issue with one of the aircon units was completed now that parts had arrived.
  • 5 May Phone services for some clients were affected this morning. Overnight a particular route or pathway was removed which took out voice services with it. Our apologies to the folks directly affected. While it was upstream from our direct control we could get the lost services rerouted to recover.
  • 23 February 1457 Power issues, changed over to generator.
  • 9 February Major plans underway for upgrades to core network infrastructure. Core is us, exchange and handover connections. We will publish details as plans proceed.
  • 6 January Another flutter in power 0739 this time. All protected.
  • 3 January Power outage in the area just before 0600, so the protection kicks in. UPS to protect and generator fired up to supply instead. 45 minutes later things have settled down.
  • 23 December We move into holiday mode with staff on leave. Monitoring of system continues and support is available.
  • 201205_MTCE.jpg4 December Pole replacement work set for Saturday. As you can see the crew are busy makng preparations outside the campus. Power to campus, and IDC will be turned off on Saturday to enable the remaining work to be done.
    We will switch over to generator so no service should be interrupted. We will be monitoring, and won't have far to walk (or run!) to inquire if there are any issues.
  • 16 November  Maintenance planned in at IDC on Wednesday night.  Click here for details.
  • 11 November  Power event overnight which cut supply to Invermay campus for approximately 90 minutes. Backup systems stepped in as designed with no impact to service.
  • 9 November  Both Chorus and Enable are carrying out planned maintenance activities overnight. It may cause your end connection to drop then restore 15 - 20 minutes later. These are taking place in the middle of the night. Our monitoring will see a lot of these events take place, and you can contact us if you have issues.
  • 6 November  Several locations detected offline. Investigations underway with full incident details noted here Click here
  • 6 November 0200 - 0212  We are investigating a network event overnight where some sites lost connectivity for a brief time. Click here for details.
  • 18 September 0600 - Another early start as some network transit feeds to National and International are rearranged. Sorted and running fine.
    1321 Real blowy wind knocked over a tree which took down lines supplying power to campus. Backup power and generator did their thing.
    1830 Main power restored after downed trees across lines were cleared
    And amidst all this the annual hose reel and extinguisher checks are being done.
  • 4 September  It is an early start on Monday 7 September with some network maintanance.  Click here for details.
  • 3 September  Bye bye Mr Liebert, we knew you well. Machine room maintenance is underway to replace an aged air-con unit. The replacement is more efficient and keeps the room ready for hopefully a nice summer.
  • 26 August  Onsite checks of UPS carried out as part of regular maintenace. This is in addition to self-test checks which take place monthly.
  • 7 August Fire! Actually all calm, just regular evacuation fire drill. These are carried out from time to time in addition to monthly alarm system checks.
  • 14 July  Connectivity issues reported. Click here for details.
  • 12 June  Power supply to Invermay is off for four hours tomorrow (Saturday 13 June) while line maintnenace is performed. IDC will remain up and running on generator backup during maintenance. Schedule for the work to be done is 10:00am to 2:00pm.
  • 4 June  A hiccup overnight affected e-mail access for some users. Remedied early this morning. Our apologies for this. 9:45 Some clients reporting issues with E-Mail. We are working to isolate the cause. 11:30 Remaining issues sorted and back to regular service.
  • 19 May  21:45 Several sites showed loss of connectivity and our monitoring was reporting multiple issues. Click here for details.
  • 28 April  An e-mail account compromised and sending spam. Team have isolated it and are working to clean up.
  • 20 April AC unit regassed and serviced. Now fully back online. We are at 100% with all AC units functioning.
  • 9 April  AC unit still playing up. Needs some parts which is a little tricky during lockdown. Overall room environment not impacted with this unit out for service.
  • 7 April  One of the AC units playing up. It has been serviced.
  • 26 March  Some connectivity interrupted due to upstream DNS issues. These have now been resolved.
  • 10 March  Annual UPS checkout. All tested through okay.
  • 9 March  After a quiet February we have an issue for some e-mail users who are reporting certiifcate errors. We are looking into this now, it looks like some further updates are to be applied. Sorted later in the day. We are reviewing events surrounding this to prevent it happening again.