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IDC Event Index

Here we tell you of day to day events as well as act as an index to other articles.

  • 29 November  Annual oil change and check of Genset for IDC is being scheduled. It will be done when the likelihood of supply issues is minimal, eg one fine calm day.
  • 21 November One of our storage servers went unavailable which affected e-mail for a number of clients for about 45 minutes between 9:45 and 10:30. We changed over to another storage server which acts as a backup. Our apologies for any inconvenience while the changeover took place. During this time e-mail coming in continued to do so via our Christchurch operations. We have reviewed the server which failed and have not been able to isolate root cause. We already planned to migrate off that server and will make this a higher priority in case the root cause was hardware related.
  • 20 November Overnight stormy weather resulted in power supply to IDC flapping.
    UPS protection did its job and generator cranked up also. Very wet day - staff have left site early to make it back into town.
  • 17 November Continued tidying of cabling following SUPERFLICK going in.
    Secondary firewall moved across to SUPERFLICK. 
  • 13 November Installation of SUPERFLICK. Click here for details.