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Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) - What you need to know

You may have heard about the latest security issue to be reported. Here's a few facts to help you through your day.

1) An attacker needs to be in range of the WiFi network you are on, and be using specialised software to break in, and it takes time.

2) If your own device network traffic is encrypted then all an attacker sees once they break in is more encrypted data. They are no further ahead.

3) Major Developers and Manufacturers were first advised back in July. Windows updates earlier this month contained fixes for this exploit.

Our Quick! WiFi has the updates. These were pushed out in the last few days. For routers supplied and managed by us, we are working with manufacturers to obtain their updates and deploy also.

In summary, yep another day another security issue. We can help if you have any questions, just get in touch.

8 March:- An un-notified power outage affected our operations at approximately 9:00am this morning. This drained our backup UPS and resulted in loss of service. Some equipment damage was also caused during restoration of power, resulting in delay while some services were rebuilt.

A second power outage occurred at 4:40. This was part of the un-notified work being carried out on the grid supply. Staff onsite worked to get services back online after power restored.

We apologise for the outage. Staff worked hard to keep people informed (our phones were affected too) as well as work the issues. Several key suppliers were also engaged.
At time of writing this update we have rechecked systems and services; all show as operational. One background service is not operational and will be remedied on Friday. It is not affecting client services.
We will be reviewing events surrounding this and include them in update plans going forward.

9 March:- Overnight operations proceeded without problem and we continue to monitor all systems and services.

If you are experiencing issues please get in touch.