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Earthlight Dunedin internet providers and ICT professionals

Earthlight Dunedin are your local internet providers with a commitment to providing high speed internet and ICT services in Otago.

Our business is all about helping our residential and commercial customers to get connected and stay connected, with faster internet speeds and rapid response technical support. More about our Services

We have a dedicated and highly skilled team of ICT professionals, led by Wayne Rodgers, who share a passion for solving problems and getting complicated things to work.

“Most of us tend to keep a low profile – it is our natural tendency to work diligently behind the scenes to keep things working as they should,” says Wayne. “The best ICT service is an invisible one, after all.”

However, if and when something does need fixing, updating or installing, Wayne and the team can be relied on to assist – either in person or over the phone – to ensure everything ICT related is operating and it’s ‘business as usual’ for you at work or at home.


September '20 - We are going to be working on this page for the next few months. Expect to see some developments and changes as we build out more content. As always, let us know if something catches your eye. Oh, if somehting breaks, let us know about that too. 

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Terabyte Club
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Service Experience
The shortest distance for requirements to be met.


The first article covering a South Island ISP in the Chorus publication The Download.


Invermay Data Centre, IDC, is where our Dunedin operation is based. It is the engine room. In the links below we list events which relate to IDC operations.
First up is an index link. Other links cover maintenance events of particular note.

IDC Event Index.jpg

Index of events at IDC. Routine work, maintenance and anything else of note.


At the heart of IDC is SUPERFLICK. 99.9999% of network traffic passes through SUPERFLICK.

IDC aerial.jpg

Invermay Data Centre (IDC) is the Dunedin home to our operation.


Annual Maintenance Servicing for the backup generator.